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OVER 400 Youth Football Players Attended FREE Conditioning/Heads Up Tackle Camp


Over 400 local youth football players attended this free four night camp focused on Conditioning and USA Heads Up Tackle training.   Camp was sponsored by SMPW and Tesoro Varsity Football.


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2015 Fund Raising Cards - SAVE TIME - Buy On Line Now


You can save a lot of time at our June 7th Physicals by paying for the 2015 Fund Raising cards on line today.

Simply go to the Registration Tab above, go to 2015 Fundraising cards and follow the link.  You will need to log back in to your account you signed up with and scroll down to your two options;

  1. Option 1 is $150.00 for 15 discount cards that you can sell for $10 each and get your money back
  2. Option 2 is $135.00 Opt Out which can be tax deductable and requires no card purchase.
Be sure to print your receipt from payment on line and bring to physicals to by pass the line and get your cards!


Santa Margarita Wins Two Championships in Spring 7 on 7

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Santa Margarita Pop Warner brought home two Orange Bowl Championships in Spring 7 on 7!

The Blue Titans won the Dempsey Championship for ages 12 - 15 beating La Habra 33 - 21.

In the Furgeson Division(Ages 10 - 12) The Titans won their championship vs. Long Beach by a score of 22 -18!

Safety, Safety, Safety! - At Santa Margarita Pop Warner, Safety comes first.

USA Football survey shows few youth concussionsBOSTON (AP) - Fewer than 4 percent of youth players surveyed in a USA Football-sanctioned study suffered concussions in the 10 leagues examined. Most injuries among nearly 2,000 players on more than 100 teams in six states were minor, with the youngsters returning to play the same day. More than 90 percent of the players did not suffer any injuries, and of those who did, the most common were contusions (35 percent) and ligament sprains (15 percent). No catastrophic head, neck or heat-related injuries were reported. Indianapolis-based Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention conducted the study in Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, South Carolina and West Virginia. ``We need more studies like this across all of youth sports,'' said Dr. Patrick Kersey, a physician at St. Vincent Sports Performance and USA Football medical director. ``Such a commitment to research is how we advance player safety, determine best practices and continue football's evolution, which has always been part of the game's legacy. Our hope is that more sports will take similar steps for their young athletes.'' As USA Football, the governing body for the sport in the United States, begins the second year of its examination of player health and safety, it is stressing its Heads Up Football program that has been approved by the NFL. Heads Up Football emphasizes proper tackling technique - keep your head up - along with concussion recognition and response; coaching certifications; properly fitted equipment; and coaches trained to implement the program. Approximately 2.8 million children ages 6-14 play organized youth tackle football. ``The health and safety of every youth football player is our No. 1 priority,'' USA Football Executive Director Scott Hallenbeck said. ``For the millions of children across the country who gain the physical, social and psychological rewards that youth football provides, this ground-breaking research will enable us to make the sport better and safer with scientifically gathered information.'' By BARRY WILNER AP Pro Football Writer
Current studies indicate you much more likely to get a concussion in Lacrosse, Wrestling and Hockey than in youth football.   Lacrosse has seen a major increase in concussions.

At Santa Margarita Pop Warner and the Orange Empire Conference, kids compete with kids of similar age and size.  Pop Warner is the ONLY youth football program (local, regional and national) that sets and enforces a strict AGE & WEIGHT MATRIX that reduces the risk and reality of injuries. 
DID YOU KNOW that Pop Warner Football is safer than soccer?  Pop Warner has 12% fewer injuries per capita among  5 - 15 year olds than organized soccer in the same age range!